Scientific Methods
Note: "H" designates the homework that is due on that day.
Items in italics pertain to the next unit.
TUE 9/2
0.5 About Physics, course introduction and syllabus, Scientific Methods syllabus
0.5 Pre-lab discussion: controlled experiments, introduction to graphical analysis
WED 9/3
H Bookmark the course website:
H Send me an e-mail. Include 1) your name in the subject line, 2) in a few sentences let us know about anything you're excited or concerned about as you enter your junior year and physics. I will send you a response - if you don't receive it, please check your e-mail settings.
H Unit 1 Reading: Experimental Design and Graphical Analysis of Data, sections A, B, & C.
1 LAB: Spaghetti Bridge (data collection, graphing, and whiteboard preparation)
0.5 Discuss graphs from spaghetti bridge lab
0.5 LAB: Measurement and Graphing Stations (data collection)
      1-pendulum, 2-height & time, 3-dart gun, 4-height & range, 5-spring & height
THUR 9/4
H Unit 1 Reading: Experimental Design and Graphical Analysis of Data, section D.
H Install Logger Pro software on your home computer
1 LAB: Measurement and Graphing Stations (data collection continued)
FRI 9/5
0.5 Discuss kinds of graphs, using Logger Pro to linearize data
0.5 Perform graphical analysis of lab data; Hints on using Logger Pro
MON 9/8
H Finish graphs and questions from labs to be turned in. (You will do all graphs but just one set of questions.)
H Worksheet 1: Graphing Practice (Use Logger Pro software)
* Quiz 1: Graphing variables <12 pts>
2 Whiteboard Measurement and Graphing labs and Worksheet 1
TUE 9/9
H Worksheet 2: Proportional Reasoning
1 Whiteboard Worksheet 2
WED 9/10
H Academic Support Test Tickets due
H Worksheet 3: Graphical Analysis
1 Whiteboard Worksheet 3
* Quiz 2: on material discussed in Graphical Methods-Summary   <16 pts>
1 Begin Constant Velocity Particle Model: Buggy Motion Lab
THUR 9/11
H Reading: Motion Maps
1 Whiteboard Buggy motion lab; x-t graphs; motion maps
FRI 9/12
H See the internet practice problems to help you study.
H* Turn in completed notebook: Organize materials chronologically; Include graphs and notes from class  <20 pts>
1* Scientific Methods Test    <100 pts>